Woman Of The Week: Raquel Williams

by:  We Rise & Shine

“For a star to be born, one thing must happen:  a gaseous nebula must collapse.  So collapse. Crumble.  This is not your destruction.  This is your birth.”

This quote proves to be true for 24 year old Raquel Williams, Philanthropist, Publicist, Event Producer, Casting Director and Blogger.  Williams company, 20SomethingLayers, was birthed after she experienced many hardships in her life.  In a recent testimony to her followers Raquel revealed, “I started 20SomethingLayers a year ago at the mere age of 23.  I was depressed and needed an escape.  I saw that creating a platform to help others would also help me.”

During this phase of her life, she realized that by believing in oneself and truly trusting God, nothing is impossible.  20SomethingLayers first started out as blog, where Williams shared her journey and offered encouragement to other women and men like herself. Now, 20SomethingLayers has grown into a platform with many layers of opportunities and the brand has garnered 32,000+ Instagram followers.

“20SomethingLayers embodies all aspects of the everyday person’s life, using positivity to facilitate personal and professional growth.  20something, highlights the prime years of one’s life, while layers symbolizes their past, present and future experiences.”

One major component of 20SomethingLayers is service. Since launching her company, Raquel has engaged in a number of philanthropic activities including; volunteer work at the women’s shelter in Park Slope, Brooklyn, speaking engagements at Howard University, Harlem Children’s Zone and Medgar Evers College.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the 20something who is pouring her light into the lives of others.